Reykjavík Music City

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Reykjavík Music City is a three year development project with the aim of growing Reykjavík
further as a music city by creating favourable conditions for thriving musical activites througout the city.
Project manager is María Rut Reynisdóttir.

Working Group on Reykjavik Music City was appointed by the Mayor of Reykjavik on 9 December 2016.
The role of the Group was to prepare proposals on Reykjavik Music City and a plan for the implementation of the proposals in consultation with stakeholders in the music scene.
The Group worked over a period of three months – from January 2017 to the end of March –
on preparing proposals for Reykjavik Music City on a plan for the implementation of the proposals presented in a report, published in May 2017.

The Working Group‘s report about Reykjavík Music City

María Rut Reynisdóttir, project manager